Bison-2 strength exerciser

„Bison - 2” exerciser is designed with purpose to develop and maintain the strength and power of arms and body muscle endurance. Ring form handles can make multi-directional movements with unlimited amplitude.

Information about the exerciser:

Saving all advantages of trainer "Bison-1M" ( see article higher) designers of new trainer "Bison-2" went yet farther, allotting it "offspring" by additional possibilities, allowing getting busy on exerciser to attain the so urgent effect of "synergism", when their combined influence gives a result far yea, that turns out at the use of every trainer individually.

Circular handles of "Bison-2" can accomplish any motions with not-limit amplitude. This is develop mobility of joints, that it is healthy in itself, and it, in same queue, allows to attain reduction of spades, muscles, very important for development of their force and body form.

In addition, getting busy with "Bison-2", you can plug not only dynamic but also isometric exercises in the arsenal, when effort, developed by one-arm equal to effort, producible other. A great strong man Alexander Ivanovich Zass(Samson), differing incredible force, gave an exceptional value these exercises.

Massive butt-end handles will help you to develop tenacity of fingers and force of catch to such degree, that, possibly, due to regular employments, you will be able to string a knot from 200 millimetric nails, and he, by the way, is the logo of "Bison-1M" and "Bison-2" exercisers!


Exerciser's description and components:

Exerciser plugs in itself a spherical linkwork, consisting of muff and ball placed into it. Last by means of bar hardly connected with nave, in same queue tightly coupled with a cylindrical handle.

1.         Muff

2.         Ball

3.         Core

4.         Nave

5.         Cylindrical handle

6.         Spoke

7.         Circular handle

8.         Fixing (staple)

9.         Circular handle

10.       Hob

11.       Cylindrical handle

12.       Friction element

13.       Check-nut

14.       Lockwiring staple


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Hand force exerciser "Bison-2"

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