Bison-1MP strength exerciser

Bison-1MP with square handles is advanced  version of Sotsky`s strength exerciser Bison-1M. It will be especially useful for those who are engaged in rock and mountain climbers, parkour as well as for soldiers and policemens.

"Bison-1MP" with square handles:

Manufacturers of unique “Bison” series strength exercisers offer a new line of their products –  special forces series exercisers for those who have already achieved certain power success using basic models “Bison-1M” and “Bison-2” and want further improvement of the results. The exercisers of this series have been successfully tested in special divisions of some countries and continue to be used for training of personnel.

This model is intended for experienced athletes who have been practising with “Bison -1M” or “Bison-1M”with “spindle” handles exercisers for 6-12 months. Square handles require bigger force of hands and shoulder girdle. Thus special benefit of using this model will get those, who are engaged in arm wrestling, climbing, parkour. Exerciser helps to develop a steel grip and finger strength in short terms.

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Hand force exerciser Bison-1MP

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